"DISRUPTED - My Misadventures in the Startup Bubble”

Author: Dan Lyons


"Disrupted" takes a close, behind-the-scenes look at Boston’s HubSpot software company to help demystify tech start-up culture. The author, Dan Lyons, who was a technology journalist for 25 years, was fired from Newsweek and accepted a new job at a start-up.

The book tells the story of Lyons’s bumpy and humorous journey through a strange new world filled with candy walls and other strange HubSpottiness.


So, how about you? Are you a 50-year old thinking about changing your life upside down? Maybe quitting your daytime job? Maybe you were fired by your boss today? Your thoughts are probably spinning in your head. Your rationale is asking you to immediately jump on the and start browsing current corporate job opening. That would just be the natural and first reaction of the majority of the people. What if instead you just start or join the existing startup? Is that thought already giving you thrills and you’re sweating just trying to imagine it? Well, there are pluses and minuses of everything. First of all, if you are a 50-year old person and you join the startup today, it will be most likely that the team members are 25-30 years younger than you. That is quite OK and there is nothing wrong with it. But, the problem is the generation clash. It is not that the 50-year old person can’t grow, run or start the business. It is the matter how the business process is run and implemented. This is where the difference appears. The 50-year old person’s way of doing business is totally different then of, for example, the millennials. The journey of adopting to the generation gap is the puzzle for many and not many can or want to accept the new reality. However, it is highly advisable to go for it and see for yourself where you belong in the hierarchy 😊 Dan Lyons, an author of this book specializing in inbound marketing and sales, joined HubSpot when he was in his fifties and jobless. While working there, he observed strange business practices and poor working conditions – and learned the truth. If you want to learn the truth go and experiment for yourself. You may end up totally sucked in or disgusted. Go, the stage is yours!


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