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About Me

As a seasoned business professional and startup mentor, I'm passionate about helping entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses and achieve their goals.


My Background 


I hold a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance and Global Management from one of the nationally recognized US universities (Fairleigh Dickinson University). In addition to my MBA, I hold a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. Through my academic studies, I gained a strong foundation in the principles of finance, management, and business strategy. I also honed my analytical and critical thinking skills, which have proven invaluable in my career as a business professional and startup mentor. With my exceptional education and real-world experience, I am well-equipped to provide my clients with world-class mentorship and guidance.



I am proud to hold various certificates that showcase my commitment to continuous learning and professional development. Specifically, I have achieved the Wealth Management in Sport certificate from Barca Innovation HUB, which has given me a deep understanding of the unique financial and management challenges faced by sports organizations. In addition, I have completed the Creative Skills for Innovation certificate from Google, which has helped me to develop a creative and innovative mindset that I bring to all of my professional endeavors. These certificates demonstrate my passion for learning and my commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and best practices.​


I have guided numerous startups across various industries, such as sportstech, medtech, telemedicine, fintech, foodtech, agrotech, hrtech, blockchain, NFTs, and crypto. I am passionate about supporting early-stage, pre-seed, seed, and scale-up companies to achieve their goals. My expertise lies in creating winning pitch decks, preparing founders to pitch in front of investors, and assisting with fundraising. To date, I have helped raise over €8M through my substantial network of industry professionals, institutions, corporations, venture capital funds, and private angel investors. While I have a wealth of experience in these areas, I am always eager to explore new and emerging industries. Additionally, I have extensive experience in wealth management and strive to guide my clients on how to prepare for their retirement.

Who I Help

  • I work with startup founders across various industries such as:

    • Sportstech

    • Medtech

    • Telemedicine

    • Fintech

    • Foodtech

    • Agrotech

    • HRtech

    • Blockchain

    • NFTs

    • Crypto

  • I provide guidance and support to:

    • Sports organizations

    • Olympic committees

    • Sportspeople

    • Elite athletes

How I Do It

  • I leverage over 15 years of experience working at corporate finance departments of major Wall Street investment banking, telecoms, and big pharma companies to mentor startups across various industries

  • I provide personalized one-on-one mentoring, logging over 2000 hours of mentoring sessions and assisting over 350 startups globally

  • I listen to my clients' goals, challenges, and vision for their startup, and work with them to create a tailored plan of action to achieve their goals

  • I offer guidance and support in various areas, such as business strategy, fundraising, product development, team building, and more

  • I provide valuable insights on how to create winning pitch decks and investor pitch decks, helping startups refine their messaging and present their ideas in a compelling way

  • I leverage my extensive network to make introductions to industry professionals, venture capital firms, and angel investors, helping my mentees gain access to the right people and resources to grow their business

  • As a wealth management expert, I offer guidance on how to prepare for retirement and ensure that clients have the necessary financial resources to enjoy their golden years

  • I use my vast network of industry professionals, institutions, and corporations to provide valuable connections and insights to my clients

What's in It for You

  • Personalized one-on-one mentoring tailored to your specific needs and challenges

  • Refinement of your business strategy, development of your product, and team building

  • Assistance with fundraising and insights on how to approach investors

  • Expertise in creating winning pitch decks and investor pitch decks

  • Access to a vast network of industry professionals, institutions, corporations, venture capital funds, and private angel investors

  • Valuable connections and insights to grow your business through introductions to the right people and resources

  • Guidance on how to prepare for the future and ensure that you have the necessary financial resources to achieve your goals

  • Retirement planning expertise to create a plan that ensures financial stability

  • Peace of mind to focus on building your business and achieving your goals without worrying about your financial future

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