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Welcome to my Testimonials section, where you can see how my customized mentoring programs have helped startup founders and business executives like you achieve their goals and realize their dreams. Browse through real success stories from different industries and get inspired to take action towards your own goals. Let's work together to achieve the success you deserve.

Patryk Brożek.jpg

Patryk Brozek, Founder & CEO

Daniel is a highly accomplished startup mentor with extensive tech industry expertise.For entrepreneurs seeking to take their startups to the next level, Daniel's unmatched ability to challenge and guide them toward success makes him the perfect choice.


Taurimas Valys, Entrepreneur

Daniel is a great professional always precisely focused in every new business/Venture/startup development he's involved and related financing alternatives. He has an impressive credentials and business connections in both American and Central European capital&financial markets which is a priceless asset for most of the international business advisory consortiums and related teams in Poland and its neighboring areas.


Iñaki de la Parra, Founder

I have known Daniel for about 3 years, having collaborated with Svexa in the sport-tech sector. Daniel understands the business and emotional mechanics and motivations behind a startup and the people around it, from the founders, people in the team and investors. He is well connected in the Polish and CEE ecosystem and is really looking to grow himself and let others flourish through the entrepreneurial mindset he also shares with others. He is a team player and very pragmatic & smart professional!


Olena Iosifova, CEO

When our team joined MIT EF CEE and had a chance to choose a program mentor, it was challenging! We chose Daniel because he has a track record. Later, we were amazed at his capability and how he made a difference for many aspirants. He is committed and driven by one goal, "his clients' growth and fulfillment," and does it with professionalism, enthusiasm, integrity, and commitment. I will partner with him in any of my projects, and any aspirant can hire his services without batting an eyelid!

Jakub Szlosek.jpg

Jakub Szlosek, Owner

Daniel is a consummate professional who pays meticulous attention to detail. He is creative and resourceful, while also demonstrating invaluable effectiveness. Thanks to his knowledge and years of experience, his insights are accurate and enable the streamlining of processes required for implementing new solutions.


Nadia Harris, Founder

Daniel is a total pro! I had the pleasure of collaborating with Daniel on several projects and I can claim with full confidence that his level of professional expertise is way above average. He not only presents a proactive approach towards each particular business case but he is also able to present substantive conclusions. I absolutely recommend working with Daniel - you can be sure that you win a reliable, competent and friendly colleague who is always ready to go the extra mile!

Martin Pecar.jpg

Martin Pečar, Founder

Daniel's mentorship was invaluable to our program's success. He skillfully navigated paperwork, avoided unnecessary expenses, and promptly resolved any issues. His professionalism and expertise were outstanding, and I highly recommend him as a mentor.


Oleksandr Bondariev,

Our team had the privilege of working with Daniel as a mentor during our time at the MIT EF CEE accelerator program. Daniel's insightful guidance and recommendations were instrumental in our organizational and business development, making a significant difference in our progress and success. We highly recommend Daniel to any startup seeking a knowledgeable and proactive mentor who can help them overcome challenges and achieve their goals.


Alexander Lubanski, Entrepreneur

Daniel is a top class manager with great leadership skills. It has always been a great pleasure cooperating together.

Darek Janusek.jpg

Dariusz Janusek, Founder

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Daniel. He is a highly energetic individual with a lot of charisma and a can-do attitude. He has amazingly supported our company with his professional mentoring skills, being full of extraordinary ideas and top-notch performance in everything he did. Without any doubts, I highly recommend Daniel for any job related to startup mentoring (including financial due-diligence, elevator pitch & investor presentation deck), coaching and running incubation and acceleration programs.

Adam Kuzdralińśki.jpg

Adam Kuzdraliński, Founder

Daniel is a great coach and mentor. Due to his valuable guidance our NEXBIO team was well prepared and won the 2016 InfoShare Startup Contest - the biggest Tech Conference in the CEE region. I highly recommend him!


Kęstutis Morkūnas, Angel Investor

t is a great pleasure to know Daniel We worked together during a joint INTERREG funding application. KTU and Ełk Science & Technology Park were partners in this application process. As business partner he's undoubtedly the right person on the right place. Great interpersonal skills, impressive experience, open mindedness, impeccable style and of course efficacy are those his attributes, I like the most. I can definitely recommend Daniel as the right person to contact regarding any EU funding projects, technology transfer and any other innovation related opportunities.

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